Day Two – Machida Morning

We started with a nice Japanese style breakfast of rice balls, miso soup and some noodles with omelette. We also found out that shorts and thongs / sandals are acceptable dress. Which was a relief given the expected temperature.

We spent the morning wandering around Machida City. Very hot and humid. Joel has been taking lots of photos of everything (streets, signs, shops, manhole covers, etc) and hopefully we should have some up here soon.

After walking along a slow river with really big fish we are arrived at a small park with some kids equipment. Of note is the multiple remains of fireworks around the park. At all the cheap $2 style shops they have big racks of fireworks on display.


We then headed back but found a nice temple and a shrine on the way. Both had different styles, one was attached the a graveyard, while the other had a stand where you could buy prayer cards to hang and had strings to tie your written down hopes on.


We spent lots of time in the cheap stores trying to find a new hat for Joel, travel converter to plug my US 3 pin to Japan 2 pin, sun screen and some lip protection.

Joel new Hat


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