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Day 6 – Machida to Osaka, the long way around

Considering how much travelling we’ve been doing on trains, I’m finding it increasingly frustrating just how hard it is to take photos from the train. There’s so many things to consider. Reflections of the camera itself, the fingers holding the … Continue reading

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Day 6 – Matsumoto Castle

After catching a super express to Matsumoto, we arrived in 37°c heat and set about trying to find a locker for our luggage. I discovered with a bit of planning my main bag fits in the most common, smallest size … Continue reading

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One thing that still seems a bit weird to me is the 1 Yen coin. It is small and made of aluminium, and seems to rapidly accumulate. Coming from a country that has discarded values below 5c, having a coin … Continue reading

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Technical Difficulties

As viewers of our blog may have noticed, the server was down for most of the 26th. Apparently some critical networking component at my web hosting company failed, and it took a while to get a replacement. On another technical … Continue reading

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