Day One – Addendum

Joel covered most of yesterday, just a few things and my first GPS Map (after much messing around)

I originally thought there would be no way to get GPS on flight due to the giant Faraday cage we were in, but we discovered on Tokyo flight that holding my phone up to the glass works about half the time, so we have some random points on the flight over.

The Taxi was fast, but scary from my view, the driver appeared to go up a one way street and seemed to know all the back alleys to get us on to the main express way. As mentioned he was nearly always at least 20km over the limit, 30=50, 70 =100-120, etc.
One other thing is Taxis are expensive. Getting to the hotel cost us more than our first nights stay, 9,270 ¥.

It is great over here, amazing to see all the different things. Although the first thing to hit me coming out of plane is the heat and humidity. Weather report for the rest of the week is around 34c with 10% chance of rain.

And here should be my first GPS plot. Hopefully If I can get it working I should be able to use these in the future to GeoTag our Photos.


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