En Route

We’re on the way! We’re flying JetStar, because it’s cheaper, but the only flights they do to Tokyo from Sydney all travel via the Gold Coast. Currently I’m sitting in the Gold Coast boarding lounge getting bored of waiting to board, so I thought I’d blog a bit. This is very much a country town-type airport – the terminal is only a single storey, which is basically shorter than all of the jets that come here, so we had to walk down a flight of stairs and across the tarmac to get inside. Stairs! In this day and age! I surreptitiously snapped a photo of the plane, and I’d intended to upload it for everyone’s enjoyment, but the camera decided to choose this moment to not connect to the laptop – I guess I’ll try again when I have a power plug.

On the plus side, the airport has free wireless (AirPort wireless, ha!) pretty much everywhere, but you have to fill in a survey in order to use it. Our next flight takes off in about forty-five minutes. It’s a nine hour flight, then it’s two hours by train to the hotel (on the opposite side of Greater Tokyo).

Power is going to be a worry – turns out Japanese power points don’t have an Earth pin, and Australian to two-pin-Japanese convertors are also missing the Earth pin socket, making it impossible to plug in three-pin devices. Guess we’ll see what happens, but I suspect I’ll go nuts if I have to manage the whole two weeks with no batteries. Guess we’ll see what happens. =)

I’m running out of batteries as we speak…

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