T-minus One Day

Well, it’s Friday afternoon – only eighteen-and-a-bit more hours until we’re on the plane and off to Japan… via a two-hour stopover at the Gold Coast, but we’ll get there. Suitcase and carry-on bag packed, unpacked, pruned of needless extras and re-packed, weighed, and sitting ready to be picked up and dragged out the door. Airfares and hotels booked, destinations and activities selected. Insurance has been insured, checklist has been checked, passport renewed, documents photocopied, printed, collated, collected. Currency acquired, validity of bank cards ensured. Been training my internal clock to wake me up earlier so we can get to the airport on time. Kindle loaded with books, iPod synced, phone charged. Wallet weeded of nonessential items, travel belt dug up and dusted off. Time off from work arranged.

I’d say I’m ready to go. =)

Who woulda thunk two weeks would require so much preparation?

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