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Currently it’s far too late tonight to even start thinking of writing a blog post, and tomorrow evening I’ll be flying home (noooo), so won’t be posting tomorrow either. And then I’ll need some time to recover from the flight, and then I’ve got a few things on in the evenings… point is, it may be a fair while until I can finish this blog.

To keep people entertained in the meantime, here’s some short videos I’ve taken during my trip.

A rocket launch at the Ryusei Festival waaay back in Chichibu:

A festival float in action at the Kawagoe Festival last week:

The flying dango basket in action at Genbikei (it ends a little abruptly because I somehow forgot I was taking a video, and put the phone in my pocket as I reached for the dango):

A time-lapse at the seven-way intersection in Kamata:

And a time-lapse of the famous Shibuya Scramble crossing (uh, spoiler alert):

Well, I’d better make I can still fit everything in my suitcase…

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