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Day 8 – Koyasan

Today marks one week since we left Sydney. We’re almost halfway through, aww. When riding an escalator in Tokyo, just as we do in Sydney, you stand on the left, and walk on the right. For that matter, wherever we … Continue reading

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Day 7 – Osaka, Old and New

The thing that disappoints me most about my difficulty in making it to the top of Fujisan is that we deliberately came in August in order to do so – the official climbing season closes at the end of August, … Continue reading

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Day 6 – Machida to Osaka, the long way around

Considering how much travelling we’ve been doing on trains, I’m finding it increasingly frustrating just how hard it is to take photos from the train. There’s so many things to consider. Reflections of the camera itself, the fingers holding the … Continue reading

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